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Run a Telehealth Session
Create and run individual and group virtual sessions from your computer or mobile app. Chart or chat during a telehealth session. Understand your client's virtual experience.
Client Logging & Tracking 
Build relationships with clients by enabling photo-based food journaling, tracking of workouts, goals, and other activities. Customize the entries you track.
Your Clients' Experience
Set up your platform to invite clients to engage with you online. We run through the client experience, including completing intake forms, booking sessions, buying packages, and client logging/tracking. 

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Healthie makes it easy for you to manage the back-office activities of your business and build relationships with clients. Learn more about how Healthie can help transform your business, and they way you work with clients. We'll walk you through the fundamentals of setting up your web and mobile platform. 

Organize & Share Documents
Upload and organize documents, create folders, and share resources with clients. Share recipes, meal plans, handouts, lab work, articles, and more.

Programs & Courses
Build & distribute programs (videos, documents, e-mails, forms) through the platform. Create classes over a period of time, connect with packages as a vehicle for passive income. 
Building Custom Forms 
Build intake forms and charting templates to collect health information, e-signatures, payment details (credit cards and insurance), and other items needed for care. 

Connecting with Clients via Chat
Connect with your clients between sessions through HIPAA compliant messenger. Easily open a single chat conversation, message multiple clients or start a group chat.
Charting within Healthie
Access chart notes, latest activity, goals and your quick notes for your client. Take charting notes during or after a client session. Choose from ADIME, Healthie SmartForm and free text templates or build your own charting form. Generate PDF of archived notes or e-fax notes.
Creating Client "Groups" 
Learn how to organize your clients into groups. Use groups to customize the experience of different clients within Healthie. Connect groups with intake forms, documents, and adjust group settings. 
Insurance + CMS-1500
Learn how to use the Healthie platform for insurance-based clients. Collect + store insurance information for your clients, create CMS-1500 claims or Superbills and keep track of claims.
Client Goal Setting 
One way to maintain clients and drive success is by utilizing goal setting in your practice. Learn how to create goals within Healthie, monitor client progress and engage clients utilizing the Healthie platform.
Intake Flows + Client Paperwork 
Intake flows string together the assessments, policies and e-sign agreements, privacy notices, billing, and insurance information collection forms, and other materials you'd like clients to complete as they work with you.

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Part 1: Getting Started with Healthie
Set up the fundamentals of your Healthie provider account, and get ready to start onboarding new clients today. 
Part 2: Client Engagement on Healthie
Customize how your clients will connect and interact with your business through their Client Portal. 
Part 3: Making the Most of Healthie
Having the right workflows in place helps to ensure that you're streamlining your business operations, and creating the best client experience possible. 

Deep-Dive of Healthie Features

Client Packages + Invoices 
Learn how to link your bank account and store client payment information. Set up your account to receive payments directly within the platform, no third party applications or accounts required. 
Keep your business organized with Healthie's Task feature. Assign tasks to other organization members, and tag clients in a task for efficient task management. 

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Care Plans
Healthie's Care Plans feature enables providers and organizations to apply common protocols and methods of care to clients. Within a Care Plan, you can add wellness recommendations, upload documents for clients to access, automatically set goals, and more. 
Healthie's Reports makes it easy for you to pull business information that spans client activity, client outcomes, business operations, and finances. Healthie‚Äôs Reports are leveraged by providers and organizations that seek to have critical metrics at their fingertips. 
Team Plans
Healthie's multi-provider capabilities enable group practices and organizations to share resources, collaborate across clients, and maintain custom permissions surrounding core business needs to streamline operations, promote cross-collaboration, and offer coordinated care to clients.