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You've got the passion and the dream, we've got the plan to make that dream a reality. Invest in the support you need to start growing your business today!

Complete a comprehensive 12 module course with step by step plan that gives you a bullet proof business model and an effective marketing plan that has clients lining up! Complete at your own pace or follow our 3 month suggested structure.

We help you get to work with a structured workbook with clear weekly tasks, goals and assignments to keep you moving towards your dream business. PLUS done-for-you materials that you can start using immediately!

Join the tribe! You'll get access to continuous  support and accountability through laser focused 1-on-1 strategy sessions with a pro + weekly motivational mastermind sessions and support through private facebook group.

Six Month High Growth Business Course + Mentor Program!

  • Identify your niche + ideal client! We'll walk you through a laser focused exercise that will help you reveal your ideal client!
  • Establish your authority and expertise + how to effectively communicate so clients get on board!
  • Create your signature package that has clients lining up to work with you! How to sell it without being salesy!
  • Price your services and demand your worth! Formula to make sure your prices are realistic and profitable! 
  • Shift your mindset to think like a an entrepreneur! Break through your fears to starting thinking like a boss!
  • Build an authentic & transparent online presence! How to make connections with potential clients digitally that creates trust!
  • Master social media like a pro! How to build and leverage a quality following.
  • Build a strategic marketing plan so that every effort you make is part of a bigger picture instead of aimlessly creating content!
  • Set up an effective sales funnel with compelling email campaigns that result in a high conversion rate!
  • Create freebies + opt-ins that attract high paying clients and run automatically!
  • Create landing pages & web-pages that convert leads into clients. How to make your offer relevant to the people you reach!
  • Easily set up facebook ads with a low budget to start generating qualified leads that want to take advantage of your offer!
  • Close high paying clients on the first call. How to provide value to make them want more + how to structure the close!
  • Maintain & engage current clients to generate referrals. Set up a system that has your clients referring their friends and family on a regular basis
  • And much more…

  • Intake forms for your clients to fill out including health history questionnaire that you can customize
  • "Office" policy forms to use in your practice like HIPAA agreements
  • Testimonial form + waiver so you can use your clients success publicly 
  • Engaging drip email campaign templates you can customize 
  • Social media content calendar
  • Website check list to make sure your website is ready for customers!

You'll receive training and step-by-step guides to...


PLUS extra "tech" training to help you set up your systems!

  • Setting up your email marketing systems to work for you even when you're sleeping!
  • "Set it and forget it" automation on your website + social pages!
  • Organizing and leveraging your EHR to save you time!
  • Automating client on boarding 

A message from your coach...

Do you felt frustrated, stuck, discouraged or overwhelmed when it comes to 

growing your wellness business? Trust me, I get it... I've been there! 

When we decide to start this journey of launching a wellness business we are filled 

with energy, excitement and determination! Every great entrepreneur needs that to get started! 

BUT a successful business takes more than just a passionate owner...

In the health and wellness field there is a big focus on delivering top quality care, but not enough support to help us run and grow a profitable business. 

That's why I'm incredibly passionate and excited about offering this course. It gives you e v e r y t h i n g you need to know with step by step guides that you can take action on to start making money in your wellness business. It leaves nothing to the imagination. 

Over the last 3 years I've been serving as the Director of Growth at Healthie Inc., a health tech company that provides practice management tools for health and wellness business owners. 

Before that I launched and ran my own successful online nutrition practice and helped launch and scale multiple early stage companies in NYC. 

During this time I've had access to and was mentored by some of the most incredible business experts from NYU, Duke, Wharton, Carnegie Mellon, and more! 

I have led countless webinars, courses, mini master classes and mentored hundreds of practice owners on effective business and marketing strategies. I've learned and experienced myself what works and what doesn't from growing a small online businesses to scaling large companies. 

As health and wellness business owners we start companies to get results and make money doing what we love while helping people transform their lives. There is literally no better feeling in the world than being able to accomplish this.

But if we don't figure out the BUSINESS side first, we don't get to enjoy the benefits of making money doing what we love. 

The truth is, it's not very complicated. All these successful business owners follow the same strategies to grow their dream business and spend their time doing what they love.

Many of us spend TONS of time doing things that we hope are the right things for the business to take off and I'm sure you've questioned "are these the right things I should be doing?" 

What I want to share with you is a strategic, organized and automated way to get things going and see your business take off!

That's why we've developed this business course and mentor program. We've bundled these strategies along with step-by-step action plans to make it clear exactly what to do and how to do it. Not just theory.. actual steps you can take, clearly laid out.

We've also combined this course with a killer mentor program to provide real time support and guidance you need to achieve success in your dream business! I can personally attest that having the right mentor is critical to your success. 

So join me and our team of experts to get in on the action and start implementing high growth strategies to attract more clients and build a successful business doing what you love! I can't wait to see you thrive!!

Fill out an application to get started...



High Growth Business Course 

6 Months of Mentorship & Support 


  • Receive an initial hour long business assessment and strategy session with Amanda.
  • Complete an accelerated first month with weekly 1-on-1 follow up sessions in the first month to create a personalized business growth strategy.
  • Expert led 6 month course including 12 hour long training videos on sales, business and marketing. 
    • Module # 1: Identifying Your Niche and Ideal Client
    • Module # 2: Create Your Signature Offer!
    • Module # 3: Pricing, Financial Models and Your Growth Plan.
    • Module # 4: Building a Strategic Online Presence 
    • Module # 5: Creating an Automated Sales Funnel that Converts!
    • Module # 6: Creating a Strategic Free Opt-in Webinar
    • Module # 7: Building a Powerful Website & Landing Page
    • Module # 8: Digitally Reaching Your Clients & Paid Ads
    • Module # 9: Effective Sales Techniques & Nailing Your Discovery Call
    • Module # 10: Leveraging In-person Events to Build Your Business
    • Module # 11: Building Referrals Strategically
    • Module # 12: Developing Your Brand
  • Receive a comprehensive workbook with weekly tasks to complete to keep you accountable.
  • Library of resources including forms and waivers for your business that you can start implementing immediately. 
  • Biweekly 1-on-1 business coaching calls with your mentor focused on actionable items to grow your biz!
  • Access to exclusive facebook group with other program participants for sharing struggles and successes!
  • Weekly live mastermind sessions via zoom group webinar for support and accountability. Offered at various times for flexibility to fit your busy schedule! 
  • On-going opportunity to get your questions answered in real time for on going personalized support. 
  • Free registration to attend expert speaker presentations that will be offered on a regular basis.
  • On going access to business course modules to revisit and re-watch as many times as you need.


6 Month Business Course & Mentorship Program

Do you have an incredible passion and ability to help people transform their lives but struggle with the business side of running a practice?

Have you ever felt "stuck" with how to build a business? 

Have you felt overwhelmed with where to start? 

Are you consumed with so much information but still not seeing the big picture of how it all comes together? 

Have you ever doubted yourself if you have what it takes to make this business profitable? 

Do you feel like you are constantly but aimlessly taking action without seeing results? 

Do you feel like you spend hours making plans, creating content and putting your services out there but no one's buying?

Yeah, we get it!

We see so many passionate and talented dietitians, nutritionists, and health coaches struggle to get their momentum towards a profitable business, in some cases completely throwing in the towel. 

This doesn't have to be your story! 

We want you to chase your dream, put in the work, follow your passion make it all happen!  

We want you looking back some day, proudly saying to yourself "I did it!"

But passion and hard work alone doesn't work, you need a strategic and organized business.

That's where we've got you covered!

Say goodbye to confusion and start building the business of your dreams!

This course was designed to deliver results! 

If you're ready to take action and join the High Growth Business Course & Mentorship Program, submit an application to get started!

Growing a Health & Wellness Business?

What our students are saying...

This program is for you if...

1. You are a passionate Dietitian, Nutritionist or a Health Coach. 

2. You own a wellness business offering services or programs.

3. You want to have a substantial and consistent income from your business.

4. You are struggling to attract paying clients consistently.

5. Your marketing is mostly word of mouth or referrals and you're looking to expand this.

6. You have a desire to grow your business so you can leave your full time job.

7. You're open minded, willing to put in the work and motivated!

8. You are an ACTION taker, ready to get to work!

Invest in yourself so that others want to invest in you!

"I have plenty of passion, but need support on sales, marketing and business management. Enter Amanda from Healthie. The mentorship program is the perfect fit for me and, after just one call so far, I know I made the best choice! I already feel more focused on the necessary steps to establishing a management foundation, a marketing strategy and, most of all, sales techniques. I know I will be in a totally different space in just a few months from now and I couldn’t be more excited about that!”

- Tracy S.

"Feeling inspired knowing I will have the support I need to have a successful business- Thanks Amanda!"

- Helen K.

"Amanda has already helped me with areas to improve and tactical first steps. I am already getting more clarity on my target market and what my go to thing will be! For me just getting started and being clear on the direction on my business is really what I needed most right now and Amanda has definitely done that!" 

-Kayla S.

"I've had two calls with Amanda so far and she has been so great to work with!  She is so insightful and provides me with great advice, guidance, and weekly "homework," that I feel I am making leverage on my business now."

- Courtney N.

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